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  • What is an EA?

  • What is an EA?

    If you need help with bookkeeping and other financial responsibilities, a CPA is usually the go-to professional but when you need a tax specialist, seek the help of an EA, or Enrolled Agent. While both offer effective guidance, it’s important to know the unique benefits each offers.

    The Difference between CPAs and EAs

    CPAs offer a variety of services to address individual financial concerns, such as new business formation and income tax preparation. They receive their license from the state they practice in.

    CPAs have a wide focus, able to apply their knowledge and experience to cases involving accounting, audits, business law, personal finance, and taxes. CPAs are able to prepare and sign financial statements, but their work is limited to the state in which they are licensed.

    Enrolled agents, who receive their license from the federal government, can provide the following tax-based services in any state:

    • Prepare Tax Returns
    • IRS Representation during Audits, Appeals, or Collections
    • Advise Individuals, Groups, and Entities Alike

    In the end, both CPAs and EAs are valuable individuals who provide unique benefits, depending on their client’s circumstances.

    Who Can Become an EA?

    EAs have usually worked for the IRS for at least five years or have taken the Special Enrollment Examination. This exam is detailed, requiring an extensive knowledge of tax laws, credits, and proper filing for businesses, just to name a few. Enrolled agents are considered experts when it comes to tax law.

    The Benefits of Working with an EA

    Services provided by enrolled agents are considered cost-effective, compared to those offered by other tax professionals, including CPAs and tax attorneys. In addition to IRS representation and return preparation, EAs can also help small businesses and individuals establish efficient bookkeeping practices as well as offer general assistance with accounting issues.

    If You Require Tax Guidance, Call Penny Gibson Today!

    At {company_name} we help small businesses and individuals alike with tax issues. As an experienced EA, Penny Gibson stays current with tax laws and can help you stay compliant with the IRS. To discover the true value of our financial services, call our firm in {city} today to schedule your consultation!


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